Green Island Walks & Wildlife

Swimming at Green Island

Green Island boasts a broad array of birds who take advantage of the diverse plant life on the island. Over 55 land, sea and migratory birds are frequently spotted in the region, including those who cross the Great Barrier Reef seeking nesting grounds. Some birds in the region include ospreys, sea eagles, egrets and terns, while on land you're likely to spot silvereyes, buff-banded rails, emerald doves and pheasant coucals.

Below the waves, the surrounding Green Island marine life is utterly spectacular. Home to a diverse range of tropical marine life, the reef is surprisingly varied and includes tough corals such as the mushroom coral and boulder coral while also supporting vulnerable species. Fragile corals like the plate and staghorn coral are sheltered in the protected western lagoon area. Looking closely, divers will find hundreds or various invertebrates, including molluscs, crustaceans and echinoderms.

On land, 134 plant species grow and prosper, fauna that includes scramblers, vines, shrubs, trees, herbaceous creepers and grassers. Complex vegetation thrives thanks to the myriad migratory birds which bring seeds from the mainland. From this, the island supports the large bird population, skinks, geckos, butterflies and flying-foxes which live on the land.

Green Island Walks

Discover this abundant island on the numerous tracks trailing over 12 hectare space. Those seeking a relaxing island amble will enjoy the 1.5km circuit beach track. Soft sand takes you past coastal vegetation and nearby coral reefs where rays, turtles and fish can be seen from the shore. Enjoy the classic Jetty walk out over the coral bommies and marine life; this return walk is an easy 500m stroll. Visitors can also enjoy the cool rainforest boardwalk, a very gentle 1.3km return trip through dappled forest and cool canopies. Stop along the way to learn a little about the islands history and the wildlife that inhabit the National Park.